Translation and proofreading

Translation & Proofreading 


I'm a long term freelance collaborator for different companies on B2B and B2C markets mainly in the sectors of design home furniture and decoration, customer services solutions, beauty and hair products, luxury shopping. 

What I translate most often :

  • Website content; 
  • Product descriptions;
  • Blogs and social media posts;
  • Marketing emails;
  • Surveys;
  • Newsletters.


What I can also translate :

  • Commercial documents (contracts, invoices, quotations, terms and conditions, etc.). 
  • Advertising leaflets;
  • Menus, tourist brochures;
  • Private and professional correspondence;
  • User manuals;
  • Reports, speeches; 
  • Internship reports ;
  • CVs, cover letters;
  • Press articles.



I review and correct all your documents written in French

Need to check your documents already translated from English to French or directly written in French (for instance, before sending or publishing them)?

I proofread them and provide the required corrections in form as well as content:

  • Structure, style, grammar, spelling, typography, text homogeneity and shaping.
  • For translation reviews: checks of the translation accuracy compared to the source text, checks for omissions, stylistic improvements.

For more details about my English to French translation, proofreading and text correction services, you can read my Terms of Sales.